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Bloom Spoon Ring
Abigail Probus
Absolutely Love!

I am in love with this ring. It instantaneously became my favorite ring! I refuse to take it off nowadays!


THE RING IS SO PRETTY AND JUST LIKE THE PICTURE. ITS GOOD QUALITY AND IT FEELS LIKE IY ON YOUR FINGER!!! The package was so sweet and came with 2 stickers, business card, & A RING SIZE TESTER (ITS SO COOL) all wrapped within a super pretty A stamped, square envelope!! Amazing quality y’all I suggest!! Also it fits real well you just gotta know your size

Forever Rose Spoon Ring
Daniela Olivera

I love it 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 super duper cute so gonna be ordering more

Solid Ring

The ring fits well and shipped to me fast, I didn’t think you guys would be able to close the gap on as tightly as it is but I was pleasantly surprised that it closes so well you can hardly tell it is not connected. Keep up the good work!

Love it!

Extremely cute and I love how sturdy it is. I’ve been wearing it since the day it arrived. I can’t wait to buy another ring!

Twilight Spoon Ring
Sofya Mocilnikar
Twilight Ring for my husband

I had previously gotten him a ring that didn't fit him (because I'm dumb) but he still loves it. This ring fit PERFECTLY and is the perfect opposite to mine. We wear them all the time and it's the first time I haven't gotten a stain on my finger from constant or even occasional wear. They're lovely and don't pinch our fingers.

Love, love, love

I am absolutely in love with this ring. I had a hard time finding rings that was not only affordable, but eco-conscience made out of the appropriate metal that I am not allergic to, durable, stylish, and gray. This ring is amazing and I’m definitely going to be purchasing more. Thank you so much.

Surfs Up Spoon Ring
Kaden Morton
Strong Quality

Got my ring, slightly too big, would recommend properly sizing your finger before hand. The free resizing is great!! They threw in some awesome stickers for free. I wear my jewelry and rings to sleep, swimming, showering, whole 9 yards. I have yet so see any tarnish, green, or general wear. Will likely downsize soon as I’ve had it slip off a few times. Overall incredible quality, would love to purchase more in the future.

Certified Apollos Jewelry FAN

Before this specific purchase, I had already owned three of these gorgeous spoon rings that I have worn almost every single day since; firmly engraving them into my personality. I have now bought three more, including the Mardi Gras ring, and I could not be happier! They all are able to fit my tiny fingers and I can finally live my dream of looking like somebody's eclectic aunt. I am in love and very happy with the collection that I have amassed.

Great Rings!!!

I am so happy to see a company who makes spoon rings in larger sizes. As a girl with large fingers it has been a hunt to find something girly, cute, and fitted. These rings came so quick! they are beautiful, i wear them in the shower, washing dishes, at work as a nurse, and everywhere in between. they haven’t turned my fingers green or tarnished! love love love!!


Just as picture. It looks gorgeous

Arizona Spoon Ring
Gayle Stewart
Let's go Arizona

The Arizona ring was a Christmas present for my teenage grandkid. And yeah, I nailed it! It was awesomely received, and resides still on the finger still, just liket ring. Sucess at Christmas is amazing! Thank you

Garden Band Spoon Ring
Gayle Stewart
Garden Band Beauty

I absolutely love my new ring! It fits me Perfectly, Thank you so much! I haven't taken it off yet. In fact, I ordered more. Beautiful job, I truly appreciate my ring.

Rose Chain Spoon Ring
Christina Juan
Wonderful Christmas Gift!!

Early Xmas Gift for my mother and she absolutely loved it! She’s been hinting for a while about wanting one your rings! It really is beautiful and I’ll definitely be buying more in the near future

A Floral Fantasy Spoon Ring
Jacquelin Gazella

I bought a ring for myself and two more for my nieces. The stunning rings arrived so quickly! The packaging looks amazing and I loved every single part of this package.


Absolutely love my Twilight spoon ring. This won’t be my last ring from Apollos. Fast shipping too.

Eternal Love Spoon Ring
J Muller
so romantic!

My butch girlfriend is so sappy but loves giving off that tough energy so this ring was just perfect! The thick and sturdy band with the romantic design and overall idea of the ring made it fit so perfectly!

Monthly Mystery Spoon Ring
I love Apollos work

I have ordered three of his rings so far and I have never been disappointed.

Bloom Spoon Ring
Rebecca Normandeau
Bloom Spoon Ring

I absolutely love this ring. The moment I saw it I knew I had to have it because this was my mothers silverware pattern when I was growing up. Memories. My only regret was that I should have ordered a size 9 so it would fit my middle finger but I got an 8. Still an exceptional piece!!! Definitely follow his instructions to get the perfect size .

Aloha Spoon Ring
Diana Dominguez

Nice simple ring the way I like it! Great finish, nice dark tarnishing and the size fits ok.

Aztec Spoon Ring
Diana Dominguez

What a beautiful ring this is! Even though a waited a little longer than expected, the ring really met my expectations! High shine, nice dark tarnishing effect but still able to see the details of the ring! It’s strong and thick! Absolutely love this!

Rolex Spoon Rings
melissa houghteling
Very Nice

Super happy with purchase. Cannot tell this was a straight piece of metal it is now a perfect shiny round ring with no marks. Comfortable to wear.

Rolex Spoon Rings
Nicole Sachs
Love it

I love my Rolex ring ! It’s definitely one of my favorites!! So beautiful and very comfortable to wear !

Dahlia Spoon Ring
Lily Morrell

This is a very durable and beautiful product. It wont tarnish or turn skin green. It is a perfect ring all around, it has held up whilst working on the farm and everything! Very comfortable and true to size. Beautiful packaging and included free stickers & ring size finding tool! Gorgeous ring box as well

Gardenia Spoon Ring
Rebecca Shapiro
Lovely ring

I love this ring. This ring totally represents me.