About Us

The history of ApollosJewelry dates back to November-ish 2020. In November 2020, I, Dennis Morris, first discovered what a "Spoon Ring" was. I was automatically attracted to the idea of turning vintage flatware into a beautiful piece of jewelry, so I decided I wanted to make them. I researched what tools were necessary to do the job right only to discover they were expensive and my 16 year old self couldn't afford them. I then did what my entrepreneurial spirit told me to do and worked hard at my job to save up the money to be able to start.

  Fast Forward until January 2021, I had saved 80% of my income until I could finally afford to make the large investment. January 20, 2021 I purchased all of the tools necessary as well as my first set of flatware, that design became known as "Apollos First." After ordering the main tool needed I got an email informing me that the several hundred dollar machine was on back order. From that date until March 4th I continued to work hard at my job to be able to invest money into more flatware, shipping supplies, and other miscellaneous things needed in order to start. One day mid-february I was contemplating names when I decided to look at Greek Gods, shortly afterwards I came across Apollo and what he stood for. On that day ApollosJewelry was born.

  March 4th 2021 I received the tool I had been waiting for, and made my first spoon ring. I also started my Instagram and TikTok that day to start building a following. March 7th I officially launched my website and got my first 3 orders. And ever since we have received 1400+ (over 2000 as of March 7th 2022) orders and received over 250 reviews almost all of which being 5 star. 

  That is the history of the very start of the brand that I own and love, ApollosJewelry. If you have any more questions or would like the history of what has happened and been accomplished from March 8, 2021 - today please comment and let me know. I wrote this article and will continue to periodically write articles so that as you look through the website you can get more information on what makes our brand unique and what makes us, well, us. Have a great day.