Generations Of Keepsakes: A History Of Spoon Rings

Spoon rings have regained popularity in recent years, although they have been around for centuries. Turning old flatware into such beautiful jewelry links the future to the past, these rings are meant to be keepsakes for generations to come.


The Start Of Spoon Rings

They originated in 17th century England when people first started to use the metal from flatware handles and turn them into rings. Often they were made of solid silver as that is how the flatware was commissioned. It's said that servants were the first make spoon rings. 


An Epic Return

With the start of the hippy movement came the return of spoon rings. Since then they have died down In popularity slightly and made new forms. The majority made In the 60s-70s were either silver-plated or solid silver. Most spoon rings made today are made of stainless steel, including the majority of the ones I make and sell.


Watch Out

With spoon rings regaining popularity, more people have began to make and sell them. However, please be aware that some companies are selling spoon rings that are being machine produced with cheaply casted materials and are not made from spoons or other flatware.

If you're interested in genuine handcrafted spoon rings, we would be incredibly grateful to be the brand you trust.  All spoon rings sold by ApollosJewelry are handmade by me or by a member of my trained staff. The process we take is one which takes patience and pride in every ring we sell.


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